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Gift of Life Walk Week 2023


Take the next step:
Sign up for the 2023 Gift of Life Annual Walk & help us raise awareness and save lives.

The Gift of Life Annual Walk is back for 2023 and there's several ways you can get involved!

We're back at our traditional community walk at Lake Burley Griffin on Tuesday March 21, and we're announcing new Public Walks in other locations across the country. You can also undertake a Do It Yourself Personal Walk, or if you've got a Big Team (like a school or office) we're got options for you, too.

It's a great, fun, and fit way to help us raise awareness about organ and tissue donation, and more importantly, get people to take the next step and register to become a donor.

Why walk?

Keeping active and moving is good for you. And walking is one of the best ways you can get outside, get some fresh air, and have a positive impact on yourself and your walking buddies.

Taking part in a Gift of Life Walk is a great way to open up conversations with your families and friends about organ and tissue donation.

Who can I walk with?

Friends, family, colleagues, school mates, fitness buddies, your pets - anyone you like. You can get a group together or walk solo.

When can I walk?

Walk for the Gift of Life Walk any time - & anywhere - between 20-26 March 2023.

Calling all YOUNG PEOPLE:

Did you know young people are the group with the lowest donor registration rates? This year we are providing more resources for schools in the ACT and nationally to increase awareness in the 16-18 age group.

Aged 16 years and over? You can register your intent to become an organ and tissue donor here.

You can walk anywhere in Australia

We have made it easier this year for anyone to take part in the Gift of Life Walk from anywhere in Australia - simply click on your state or region below for more details and sign-up options.

Merchandise **** While stocks last****

We have a limited stock of t-shirts, caps, water bottles and dog bandanas to give away.  Be sure to sign up early and  indicate on your sign-up form your preference and sizing for merchandise. We'll do our best to meet your requests. Delivery is due mid March.

...and if you have walked previously, please pull out your t-shirts and hats for your walk.  

Further information on distribution will be available shortly.

Don't forget to talk about it

More importantly - have the conversation with your families and friends - take the next step and register to become an organ and tissue donor today.

And when you do walk, share your adventures with us via Facebook and Instagram using #giftoflife #giftoflifewalk

More information about becoming an organ donor is available on the DonateLife website here.

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Disclaimer - participants in Gift of Life’s 2023 Annual Walk do so their own risk. Participants will take all reasonable measures to protect themselves from risks of participation. By signing up for the Walk, it is implicitly agreed that doing so is at the participants own risk and that participants release Gift of Life Incorporated, the event manager, Gift of Life directors, officers, employees, volunteers, contractors, sponsors and/or agents, from any claim and from any liability (to the extent permitted by law) for, or as a result of any loss, injury or damage suffered in relation to their attendance and participation at the event, whatever the cause.
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