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The Great Registration Race - DonateLife Week 2021

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

There are around 13 million Australians aged 16+ who are eligible to register as an organ and tissue donor – but haven’t. For ‘The Great Registration Race for DonateLife Week’ our goal is to encourage up to 100,000 more Australians to join the Australian Organ Donor Register.

DonateLife are running a registration race this DonateLife Week, asking Australians to get their phones out and get involved! Donatelife are sparking urgency by racing towards their registration goal and we encourage the community to share the message and get behind us.

Gift of Life will be involved during DonateLife week 24 July - 1 August with a coffee cup sticker campaign. If you work in a coffee shop or your local coffee shop would like to get involved please drop us an email

Look out for our social media posts - please share and tag friends to spread the word and take the challenge to register during the week.

More information

2021 DonateLife Week campaign will run from Sunday 25 July to Sunday 1 August.

This annual campaign includes events and celebrations in every State and Territory around Australia, as we all work together to raise awareness around organ and tissue donation.

For more information on how you can be involved, contact your local DonateLife agency or email


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