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DonateLife activities around the ACT to look out for next week

  • National Canberra monuments will be illuminated in magenta. Look out for magenta lighting of, Telstra Tower, Questacon and National Museum, Light Rail stops, Malcolm Fraser Bridge and Old Parliament House.

  • The National Carillon will display words as well as being lit magenta.

  • DonateLife flags will be displayed along Kings Avenue Bridge.

  • Transport Canberra’s light rail and bus drivers will be wearing DonateLife hats throughout the week. There will also be messaging on their bus screens and billboards in the city.

  • Social media pages featuring donor family and transplant recipient stories.

  • ACT Government awareness campaign through staff communication channels including the staff bulletin as well as a whole of government message.

  • ACT libraries and ACT hospitals and health centres digital displays throughout the week.

Handles and Hashtags: Tag Donatelife on

Instagram: @donatelifetoday

Facebook: @donatelifeaustralia

Twitter: @donatelifetoday

Please use these handles and hashtags on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: #DonateLifeWeek2021 #GreatRegistrationRace


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